All for Knot Rope Weaving

All for Knot Rope Weaving


It was meant to be. When you’re born into an extensive family of crafters who also have a love for the ocean and a huge respect for environment, the die is pretty much cast for you to develop an artistic bent. But it was a road trip with friends into the USA in 2008 that really set Angela Worsley on her path to a new career. “”I saw a mat made of lobster rope that I wanted to learn to make,” she says, but was unable to find courses to teach this skill. She took up basket weaving and continued to research woven mats, and this exposed her to the world of nautical knot craft. In January of 2014, Angela retired from a 30-year career as a licensed dental assistant and All for Knot Rope Weaving was born.

Angela designs and produces traditional and non-traditional nautical knot crafted products. With help from her assistant Barbara Fisher, Angela hand crafts numerous items using recycled or new lobster float rope or manila, the traditional choices for use on ships. Products include traditional intricate nautical knot crafted ocean plait and oblong deck mats, lobster float rope mats, and patio runners, which come in a custom range of colours, sizes and weaves.

With her focus on recycling and reusing rope, Angela is developing new designs which will be featured at Saltscapes Expo. Included are the Beach Wreath, which incorporates a globe filled with NS beach glass, shells and beach sand; a Turks wreath, coiled with a turks head knot in the centre, and a Rustic Chic Mirror, among other choice designs.

Angela is looking forward to attending Expo and showing off her wonderful products, ideal for home or cottage. Check her out!