Tres Bien Naturals


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It’s been a long day. You come home, drop a Meditation bath bomb into your tub and settle in for a relaxing soak. You soap up with a lavender and peppermint soap, give yourself a little exfoliating with sweet orange and neroli sugar scrub, and then add a little Sleep Scents Body Butter before you drop off to a restful slumber.

All these delightful products are hand made by Tres Bien Naturals, based in Antigonish, NS, who explains, “I developed my line over time because I was unable to find anything that would keep my skin hydrated or that would not cost an absolute fortune! I had very dry and itchy skin and I was at my wits end. That’s when I decided to start tinkering around with ingredients and essential oils and began to formulate my own products.” Today, Tres Bien Naturals offers a full line of body care products, made without the use of artificial fragrances or colourants. Among the most popular is the Plantain salve, an intense moisturizer loaded ingredients that have known properties that may help sooth many skin ailments and irritations. Come and check them all out for yourself at Expo!