The Spoonery Woodenware and Needful Things



Matt Dondale started The Spoonery 16 years when he broke one of his wife’s wooden spoons and went out to his shop to make her a replacement spoon. She loved it, and, as Matt says, “The next thing I knew, I had orders for spoons and started selling them at markets.” Fifteen years after starting out with one spoon, he was able to make it his fulltime job, and he’s proud to say his spoons are being used in kitchens all over the world!

Matt makes more than 60 different types of handmade wooden kitchen utensils, cutting and serving boards, as well as spoon reproductions and cedar bbq scrapers. All of his products are food safe and designed to get plenty of use. He purchases his maple and birch hardwood for his products from small sawmills throughout Nova Scotia, so he’s proud to offer a 100 per cent locally sourced and manufactured product. His three top sellers are the Whale and Lobster Claw themed Salad Tongs, Charcuterie boards, and the fabulous tasting spoon.

After coming to our Masstown Expo in the fall of 2018, Matt is excited to attend our spring show. “Saltscapes is such a great event that brings so many people together to celebrate the amazing products, foods, services, places and experiences that we have to offer in our region,” he says. “It’s so awesome to be a part of that!” Be sure to check out The Spoonery at Expo!