The Silly Soap Shop


Who doesn’t love great soap that not only cleans, but makes you laugh as you use it? Michelle Beaver and her son Matthew like good clean fun as much as the next person, so they began making soap three years ago as a hobby—and as so often happens, they fell in love with the process, and a hobby became a business. They now make soap and other bath products fulltime, handcrafted in Dartmouth, NS.

Matthew says their fun and vibrant soaps are designed to liven up your bathroom, and they also make bath bombs, bubble baths and bath salts. Recently they added liquid hand soap, holographic body glitter and lip balm to their lineups. They’re very excited to be joining Saltscapes Expo for the first time and showcasing their products to so many people.

It’s hard to have a favourite when you make so many great products, but Matthew’s personal favourite is the rose-petal embedded bath bombs. “They make a luxurious gift for someone special in your life—or as a treat for yourself when you want to relax,” he says. He also looks forward to introducing their new massage oil candle at Expo—it is a scented candle that creates a pool of heated massage oil as it burns. Talk about pampering, and that is never silly. Check them out for yourselves at Expo!