The Oat Company


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Patrick Griffin of St. John’s, NL, was looking for healthy, natural snacks for his family and surprisingly, couldn’t find them. That might sound surprising, because aren’t there TONS of healthy snacks? There are lots of healthy-IER snacks, but they often have a lot of sweeteners, strange ingredients, and artificial flavours. In Patrick’s words they were “Mostly fad, not always fab, so I had to make them myself.” He and his family love oats and everything you can do with them, so why not make a business out of healthy snacks? And thus The Oat Company was born.

Patrick offers great to-do snacks and more—energy bites in alluring flavours such as peanut butter cups and Newfoundland Snowballs; mixed oatmeal packs, which contain everything but the water or milk you need for a hot breakfast; delectable energy bars packed with delightful ingredients including dates, oats, spices and peanut butter…aren’t you hungry now? The energy bars and bites are perfect for tucking into a lunch or carrying in your car for snacks while on the road…there is no added sugar in any of the products, as they’re sweetened with honey, peanut butter, and other all natural ingredients. Whet your appetite for these healthy, filling delights at the 2023 Spring Expo!