The Baker’s Fudge


When your last name is Baker, you’d best be handy in the kitchen! Happily, Sandi Baker has always been passionate about flavours in the kitchen, and she says once she started making fudge, “there was no turning back. When I began selling it at local markets, I realized people were as passionate as I was about this nostalgic childhood treat,” she says. “This fuelled me to create more delicious fudge flavours, which has caused her business to grow significantly in the past five years.”

The Baker’s Fudge makes products that combine tradition and freshness; Sandi makes combinations that she is excited about, but of course also listens to suggestions from customers and develops flavours with a seasonal twist. Her products start with fresh, local butter, which makes all the difference in her flavours and quality—and she loves to experiment with locally made products, such as using local sea salt, and rum from local distilleries.

Sandi is excited to be attending Expo for the first time—she loves meeting new people and seeing their reactions to her time and effort in producing a quality product. The best seller is always the classic Brown Sugar fudge, because it connects with so many from their childhood. Chocolate Sea Salt Fudge is a close second, always a favourite among chocolate lovers. Sandi also highlights a new flavour each month—April’s is Chocolate Salted Caramel. And they’re all delicious, too. This might be experience talking, here.