Soap Company of Nova Scotia


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Since 2013, Leigh McFarlane has been operating The Soap Company of Nova Scotia out of her home in Port Hilford, on the Eastern Shore of the province. Answering a call for products that would be pure and usable for those with sensitivities, she makes a line of soaps—laundry soap, pet shampoo, a stain remover and of course, a wealth of hand bars using natural essential oils. As her business grew, she added a spa line with bath and foot care products and candles, and a skin care line of deodorants, moisturizers, baby care and more. You have probably seen her logo, emblazoned with a heron in honour of her father, on her wares at businesses across Canada.

On a stormy night late November of 2021, Leigh’s business, family home and all her belongings were destroyed in a huge fire. But as she describes it, the local community wrapped her in a great big hug, and within days she had a temporary facility and had launched the Rise Up collection of products that she could get back into markets around the region. She now has a permanent new plant and with her team of employees and her daughter, continues to make the beautiful products Atlantic Canadians have come to love. Leigh makes her return to Saltscapes Expo this year—please welcome her!