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Russell and Sons Torshee has been in business since January 6 2017 and are celebrating their first year in business and their first time at Saltscapes Expo.

In many Balkan countries a variety of pickles are available to be served as a snack or along with meals. The mouth watering flavor of Persian pickles, was one thing that Zhila (CEO of Russell & Sons Torshee) missed  the most ever since she moved to Canada. After many attempts to find satisfactory products in the back shelves of international stores, she decided to make her own and very soon, her love of food and science took her way further than what she could ever have imagined! 

Zhila uses a variety of vegetables that are widely available in Canada  to produce not only pickles, but fermented vegetables that can be preserved for very long time. This allowed her to discover a sweet spot in the production of pickled, fermented and preserved vegetables. These pickled vegetables provide a healthy dose of probiotics and digestive agents that are preserved without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Liteh and Hot Chilli Lime are both based on very popular pickle recipes from Mid-eastern countries and with improved formula as a ferment product, has found its way to both Canadian and international costumer diet. 

Zhila says, “We are introducing a new recipe for our lacto-fermented garlic that has been prepared specially for the upcoming Saltscapes expo! We are also bringing back Deep Roots (Precious roots fermented in saffron blend) which has been discontinued a month after its original release date due to shortage of supply for Jerusalem Artichoke (we found a organic source from NS farmers).”