Rub that Rubs


It was a love of diverse foods and experience working in various ethnic restaurants across Canada that inspired Lori Ahrens to create Rub that Rubs. “I learned to balance dishes with spices from specific regions around the world,” she says. “I believe we should know where our food comes from and what is in it—and that can be challenging, in the world of spices, for the average family to find.”

Lori’s rubs are hand made from recipes she created, and are free from gluten, dairy and soy, with no added nitrates, oils, artificial flavours or MSG. She works with a team at Dartmouth Adult Services Centre (DASC), who hand blend the spice mixes with great care and pride. It’s a win for all—the individuals working with Lori find personal fulfillment, plus produce amazing products. The labels are made by Maritime Labels, her kraft packaging is sourced from Ontario, and her world of spices is provided primarily by a local spice provider in Nova Scotia, with additional sources elsewhere.

Lori loves to share info on where the spices in her blends come from. “I souce spices from specific regions with the goal to provide a culinary experience that smells and tasts as it would if you were in the region.” For example, her Piri Piri blend contains African Bird’s Eye chili from Mozambique or Zimbabwe. “Without this Chili from Africa it just isn’t Piri Piri.”

The two most popular sellers in Lori’s lineups are Halifax Donair and Maritime Seafood, although her personal favourite is Piri Piri. She’s excited to be debuting Witchitaw Sweat Heat, a collaboration with Nashville recording artists Witchitaw from Berwick. Should be delicious!