Red Island Cider

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Red Island Cider is the first (and so far, only) cider company out of beautiful PEI. The company founders, Robert and James, met as babies and grew up not far from each other in rural PEI (Mayfield & New Glasgow). They share fond memories of building forts, swimming and playing sports together.

On vacation in 2016 James found himself sitting on the patio of a cider house in Prince Edward County, Ontario. He found the landscape familiar; rolling hills, farmland, sandy beaches, forests. A dream was born: a cider house on Prince Edward Island. Then, as these things happen, James’s mother mentioned his dream of opening a cider house to Robert. Robert’s family had been making cider for years so the interest was there. A phone call, a meeting and Red Island Cider was born.

As the cider maker, Robert’s goal is to create traditional clean, dry ciders using 100% apple juice from the best orchards in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. As they explain, “Like wine variations in weather, apple varietal, and individual orchards means our ciders are always going to have variations from batch to batch. What is consistent is our commitment to producing the best cider.” Robert is always experimenting with new ideas, new fruits, yeasts and recipes. His favourite cider is the ‘next’ cider and the goal is to always have something fresh and exciting at the tap room. They have brought their fantastic ciders to Saltscapes Expo so you can sample them here, and then plan a staycation to the Island for more adventures!