Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company


Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. When Darren Blanchard and Nathan Gamauf recognized that there was a need for a good quality local and natural salt, they looked at the natural world around them on Prince Edward Island. Darren says, “No one was producing any at the time, so we decided to make our own!” And so the Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company was born.

The sea salt, including infused salts, are made with locally sourced North Shore PEI seawater; the infused salts use Eureka Black Garlic, Espresso from Receiver Coffee, and Red Wine from Rossignol winery. The resulting products are perfect for adding as a finishing touch to an infinite array of dishes. As Darren says, “Save us for the end; we are above the rest!”

The PEI Sea Salt Company is very excited to be attending Saltscapes Expo—they are looking forward to getting in front of new customers and offering products that they are very proud of. One of their top products is the Eureka Black Garlic infusion, very sweet and savoury and versatile as a finishing salt. We’re sure folks will come up with endless ways to use these all natural gourmet products.