Nourished Natural Self Care


During her pregnancy six years ago, Amanda Rhyno went on a quest to solve some physical discomforts in her family. “ My dad had recently been in a car accident and was struggling with arthritis, my mother was experiencing intense leg and foot cramps each night, and I was struggling to get a comfortable night’s sleep due to common pregnancy discomforts,” she says. She began to study common discomforts and their possible root causes, and found that magnesium was a topic that kept coming up in her studies. “Newer studies cite that lack of sufficient magnesium is playing a part in many ailments,” she says. She began experimenting and designing products that her family and friends received astonishing results with. Nourished Natural Self Care was born.

Amanda makes a line of topical magnesium products including creams, sprays and deodorants. They were designed for those she holds dearest in her life, and she says, “when you purchase one of our products you can be sure that you’re receiving a product created with loving intentions and effective ingredients. Nourished products are made with ingredients sourced from local distributors as much as possible.

Like so many of us, Amanda feels passionate about the Buy Local movement. “It means reducing our carbon footprint, assisting with our local economy and creating community while serving those around me,” she says. She’s excited to be coming to our spring show: “Saltscapes is the perfect venue to support all those things!” Look for Amanda at Expo, and check out her newest magnesium body spray—a mint-menthol magnesium spray.