PEI Wooden Spoons

PEI Wooden Spoons Website: PEI Wooden Spoons

New in 2018 to Saltscapes Expo is Dennis Duermeier and PEI Wooden Spoons company, with his line of unique, handcrafted kitchen utensils, created in a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods. Dennis says, “I got started with our company with a lifetime interest in woodworking beginning in home construction, evolving into furniture and wood turning and finally settling into the crafting of unique spoons that I do today.”

Dennis, who hails from Summerside, PEI, started going to craft shows several years ago and at that time mainly made handcrafted bowls. Then, as he says, “I started experimenting with making spoons and when I displayed them at my craft booth, they were an instant hit. I have since expanded and make many different kitchen utensils such as flippers and spatulas. I have been crafting fine spoons for over ten years.”

We’re looking forward to seeing Dennis and his wares at Expo!