Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

Luther Lather Shaving Creamery


Imagine going from working in a high-pressure job in Calgary, Alberta, to making shaving cream in Charlottetown, PEI. That’s what Olin Penna did, and his Luther Lather Shaving Creamery is the result.

Olin would come home from his job and spend some time cooking meals to help unwind. His then-girlfriend (now wife) thought she’d sign him up for a different type of cooking: soap-making! He began experimenting with various ingredients with an aim to creating a shaving cream, and ultimately created a recipe that pleased him.

There’s nothing like a bathroom for advertising. Friends would come over to visit, see his jar of shaving cream on the bathroom counter, ask him about it, and he’d make them some. This quickly spread through a whole circle of friends and acquaintances—who would then have friends use THEIR bathroom, and wonder where the shaving cream came from. Olin started getting emails from people wondering where they could buy his shaving cream, and he realized that he had a niche market.

Olin says, “Our business was born from the desire to promote and pay homage to the classic wet shave. The old-school gentleman used to take time in his day to elevate the daily ritual as a way to take pride in himself. The wet shave inspired me to craft an old-school shave cream that is relevant, locally sourced, and uses a curing process like a delicatessen or fine champagne-maker would.”

A move to Saint John for work led to a transfer to the welcoming sands and shores of PEI, where Luther Lather is now based. Olin continues to work fulltime and create his products on weekends, selling them locally at markets and across Canada and beyond with the help of friends telling friends about his cream. Since his own jar of product seems to keep disappearing, he figures he’d better make a Lucy Lather just for women (starting with his wife) very soon. Welcome to Expo, Olin!