Lodestone Soap Co

Lodestone Soap Co Website: www.lodestonesoaps.com

Natural. Alluring. Nourishing.

Marian Munro designs, creates, promotes and markets all products made under this label. She developed severe allergies to artificially fragranced products which led to the search for simpler, more natural personal care. All bath and body soaps, shaving soaps, shampoos and pet shampoos are vegan; no beeswax nor tallow. No products contain shea butter, a common allergen.

Like the ancient lodestone which drew the compass to magnetic north, these soaps draw people to the table at local farmers markets and shows around Halifax, even to Harvest Meets the Holidays in Masstown.

The soaps are rustic, made in small batches locally. Base oils are organic or sustainably harvested, with the palm oil obtained from South America and not Southeast Asia. As a retired botanist, Marian is mindful of sources and spends much online time searching ethical companies and sources. Only essential oils and blends of essential oils are used. Colours are herbal and not chemical. Plenty of selection as there are more than 40 variations at any one time!

Specialties include Eucalyptus and Tea Tree soap for teenaged skin, Peppermint Patty for morning wake-up and Dirty Dawg, a pet shampoo bar with oatmeal and tea tree oil.

A new line for Saltscapes Spring Expo is Starry Night, a charcoal soap best for oily skin, available in limited quantities.

Custom orders are welcome. Wholesale orders too. Let me design a soap for you!