Larch Wood Canada


What do you do when markets change and the demand for your product is no longer sustainable? You create completely new products using the same main raw material, which become vastly popular, cherished heirlooms, desired by great cooks everywhere.

That’s the story, in a nutshell, of Larch Wood Canada. In 2004, Larch Wood could see a need to change their focus, as the beautiful tongue and groove larch flooring just wasn’t in enough demand. When employees made and gave a larch cutting board to their general manager, he and they saw ‘a grain of possibility’ in the beautiful grain of the wood, harvested right there in Cape Breton. Creative heads got together, and hit on the idea of creating end-grain cutting boards, which are not only beautiful, but durable; they’re easier on knives because they absorb the force of a blade’s action, and self-healing because the wood fibres are lined vertically, not horizontally. A new product line was born.

Today, Larch Wood makes cutting boards, chef’s blocks and cheese boards, all made with logs put through their own sawmill. The wood is kiln-dried and milled on-site, then hand selected—the team at Larch Wood say every board tells a story from log to finished product. The boards will last for many years, especially if you treat them with the special finishing wax they recommend. They’ll become treasured heirlooms, for sure. See them for yourselves at Expo!