Laughing Pear Soap Company

Laughing Pear Soap Company Website:

When Amy Scott of the Laughing Pear Soap Company in Upper Sackville, NS, began her business seven years ago, she had a couple of goals in mind: to create quality bars of soap without using harsh products, and to make their soaps affordable. Seven years later, she’s still going strong. She says,

“Our soap is made from a base of coconut, palm, and soy oils, following a proprietary recipe that has been on the market for over 30 years. We produce a long-lasting, high-lather bar that is free of the harsh chemicals found in many commercial soaps and body washes.” She adds, “Each bar is handmade with care in Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia. With 24 delicious scents, we’re sure you'll find one - or more - to love!”

Amy says they have some particularly popular lines which they’ll be bringing along to Expo. “Our ‘Nova Scotia Trio’ of soaps is always a favourite- a Valley Apple & Flax, Lupin Meadow, and Fundy Mist scented bar that gives you a little taste of NS even if you’re far away!” She also says they’ll be bringing lots of great gift baskets & gift sets with a mixture of our most popular products, so there will be something there for everyone to enjoy!” It sounds like it will be a clean and refreshing sweep from Laughing Pear, for sure.