Heather Knight Clothing and Gifts

Website: heatherknight.ca

Heather Knight has been handcrafting clothing for Atlantic Canadians since 1992. From tartan creations for all ages to Celtic themed shawls, capes, bags, designer scarves and home décor, she makes magic with fabric. Creative and a little sassy, here’s how she describes what she does:

“How does she do it?

“Well, she is actually just flying by the seat of her pants. She has no idea what she is doing. The design process goes something like this:

“Think of an idea

“Start cutting up fabric and sewing it together

“Determine if the desired shape is even able to exist in realit without bending too many laws of physics

“Make a pattern from the hacked and pieced-together mess

“Push some product through a sewing machine, iron, tag, and sell. Easy peasy. Right?”

In all seriousness, Heather’s designs are wildly popular with customers around the region, and she is always coming up with new ideas. She thrives on custom orders for clients, and can be bribed with cookies or plants if you’re looking for a unique gift.

Come and see her at Expo (bring cookies)!