Artburn Painting Kits

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Unleash your child’s inner artist with Halifax artist Eleanor Kure’s Artburn painting kits. Eleanor designs and makes the pillowcase painting kits herself, featuring around 20 designs that are fun for kids of all ages to paint. The kits include vibrant, non-toxic and transparent fabric paints, a brush, and of course, a white, high-quality pillowcase on which to create your masterpiece!

Her most popular line—and her personal favourites—are the Powerful Pillows, a series of designs that have positive messages on them. Eleanor says, “They are meant to spark a thoughtful conversation between parents and kids - about important things like self-esteem, inner strength, the feeling of being loved and safe... Anti-Bullying, being capable and intelligent, and planning for the future.” She says that they have been a wonderful thing to offer, because people connect with herand with their children through the messages, and the Pillowcases become a sentimental keepsake for parents, and a comforting part of bedtime for the kids.

At this spring’s Expo—Eleanor’s first spring show with us—she is introducing The Balancing Animals. They are new to Nova Scotia, although the company that makes them by hand, has been making them for 30 New Zealand. Eleanor says she came across them by chance, and loved them so much that she decided to import them and offer them to Canadians/Nova Scotians.

The Balancing Animals are a wooden stacking and balancing game. Each set has a number of chunky, adorable animals in it, and they have lots of tails, mouths, paws, nooks and crannies that help you balance them in all sorts of ways – it’s more than just stacking, because you can counter-balance, counter weight, and hook animals onto your stack to make truly impressive balancing acts. Eleanor says, “I have watched people of all ages play with the Balancing Animals - from 2 years old, up to folks in their 40s or more, and the level of interest and engagement is fun to watch.”

Be sure to check out Eleanor’s line of wares at Expo!