Grinners Dog Treats

Grinners Dog Treats

Robin Anthony says her Grinners Dog Treats business all started with reading the Ivany Report and its challenge to Nova Scotians to become entrepreneurial and expand our export economy. “I decided to accept that challenge, in a small way at least,” she says. “Since I’ve always loved dogs and am constantly experimenting in the kitchen, I settled on the idea of developing a unique range of dog treats in “Flavours of Atlantic Canada.” Her logic is, if we can buy treats containing bison and salmon, why not mackerel and other fish? She hoped that the treats would appeal to local buyers and visitors to Nova Scotia.

She started with research into pet nutrition and developed the recipes through trial and error - and the taste testing help of a wonderful dog, her CEO (Canine Eating Officer).

Grinners are made without wheat or corn and have no additives or preservatives. They all have eggs and kelp and they’re hard (tartar control for dogs and sturdy enough to carry in pockets).

Obesity is a big problem with dogs and over treating is a root cause. Robin says she is a big believer in treating often, but treating small, which is why Grinners treats are tiny compared to many commercial products. “Dogs think with their noses,” she says. “There is no need to feed dogs big treats; the smallest tidbit that thrills their nose is all it takes to make them happy.”

Robin also explains that, “It was important to find the balance of enough fish to excite dogs’ noses, but not so much that human noses were offended. The air in my kitchen is pungent when the treats are baking, but when they cool, human noses can barely smell them.” She adds that dogs, on the other hand have been known to go to great (and occasionally undesirable) lengths to get them out of a pocket!

Robin tells us, “Sales of all four Grinners flavours have been strong, but there’s something about mackerel (found in Holy Mackerel and Chowder Chow) that the fussy four-pound Yorkies to the drooling 170 lb mastiffs seem to love!” Check them out for yourself (for your four-legged friends, that is) at Saltscapes Expo 2018!