Fundy Treasures

Fundy Treasures


Fundy Treasures: delights from the mighty Fundy

Imagine turning your passion for rocks into your profession. Meet Brian Hebert and Laura Thompson of Fundy Treasures, located in Joggins, NS.

Not only is the Bay of Fundy home to the world’s highest tides, but also home to some of the world’s most beautiful agate, which also happens to be Nova Scotia’s official gemstone. Brian is from Joggins originally, has a background in geology, has been fossil hunting and rockhounding for 25 years, and also had experience in tourism and a passion for local history. Laura comes from Berwick, and as she explains it, “growing up in small communities along the Bay of Fundy, the landscape of the Bay inspires our products and services.” After living abroad for some years, they both found they had developed a greater appreciation of home, and found ways to translate that passion for the region into their business.

Brian and Laura give guided tours of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs when they’re at home, but what they’re bringing to Expo is their lines of handcrafted jewellery, candles, and guitar picks. Their Blomidon Bling jewellery features quality agate, which they carefully polish and set in sterling silver; their stone guitar picks are also made of agate, and are popular with both acoustic and electric guitar players. No two pieces of agate are identical, so each item is unique in character.

Brian and Laura recently added a line of Fundy Treasure candles to their offerings, using 100% soy wax, poured into keepsake glass jars. True to the name, each candle has its own treasure inside, beach glass and tumbled agate, so that you have a little bit of the Bay in your home or as a gift.

Laura says about attending Expo for the first time, “We’re looking forward to showcasing our products and tours to a wider audience. We believe meeting customers face to face allows them to see our passion for our products and for what we do.” Asked what their favourite product is, Brian says it’s the stone guitar picks. He plays guitar, and last summer decided to make a pick for himself, and one for a friend. “I liked the way it sounded and made a few more…and then we were selected to be at the Canadian Country Music Awards gift lounge in Halifax, where we showcased our picks…and have had a hard time keeping them in stock ever since!” Check them out for yourself at Saltscapes Expo 2016.