Eventide Mead

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“No grains, no gluten, all flavour.” That’s the promise behind Eventide Mead, based out of Dartmouth, NS. Mead is an ancient drink made with honey, and Eventide’s stars all local honey from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. While mead is often a little bit sweet and more like a wine than a cider, Eventide makes their varieties light, crisp—and carbonated! Currently they have four different varieties on their lineup: Golden Hour, the dry-session anchor of the collection; Rogue, a hopped mead with notes of citrus; Red Sky, which incorporates local cranberries, and Cherry mead, again featuring NS cherries for an extra special flavour.

These delightful brews lend themselves to sipping on their own, or incorporating into great cocktails including a Mead-mosa, featuring Golden Hour mead and fresh orange juice, or Ruby Radler, using Golden Hour mead with ruby red grapefruit cocktail. Can’t wait to try them? Find them at their outlet in Dartmouth, or at Saltscapes Expo!