Esme Original Jacket



Fashionistas, rejoice! Pam Matheson and her Esmé Original Jacket clothing line are back at Expo!

Pam is an accomplished artist and has a successful business career that spans more than 35 years. Her natural skills, combined with her life-long ‘passion for fashion’ forged the path to create the Esmé Original Jacket. Pam’s drive for perfection led her to put together a team of consultants, pattern makers and seamstresses with years of experience and a commitment to quality. Esmé jackets and tops are “limited editions” and are produced in Nova Scotia.

Quality fabrics and fit are the key features of every Esmé article of clothing. Pam shops the world for interesting materials and is inspired by the colour, texture and beauty of the fabrics she finds. Esmé Originals are recognized for elegance, comfort and individuality. The fabrics are chosen to move with the body, not against it, and most are produced from fabrics with some stretch so the jackets fit snugly and compliment the lines of a woman’s body.

Pam says, “I’m very proud to be able to say “Made in Canada” on my clothing label.  When buying from a Canadian designer/maker, a woman is purchasing much more than just a garment.  She’s buying hundreds of hours of work, many challenging and sometimes frustrating moments and a great deal of satisfaction.  She’s buying a piece of my heart.”

Find your perfect fit and piece of Pam’s heart at Saltscapes Expo.