Website: Jiveberry.com

In late 2016, Edgar Hernandez and his wife Lety were thrilled to realize that they were expecting a child—and then discovered that Lety and their unborn daughter were at risk of gestational diabetes. Ed has a PhD in Health Science and knew that this could be treated with plants, especially with the super-food Moringa. He began developing food bars made with wholesome ingredients including moringa, and once he perfected the recipe, he found they were so popular with family and friends that he began selling Jive Berry Bars at Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax.

Since that time, the company has evolved with the vision to provide health-conscious consumers with plant based snacks that are both delicious and nutritious.

The best selling product is Jive Berry’s Blueberry Almond bar, and the company recently launched two low-carb, keto friendly bars, Mint Chocolate and Coffee Keto, which they are excited to showcase at Saltscapes. Come and check them out for yourself!