Coldstream Distillery

Coldstream Distillery


Gone are the days when salt fish from Atlantic Canada was traded for rum from the Caribbean. Thanks to people like Riley Giffen we now have our own great tasting rum. His Coldstream Distillery produces rum, vodka and liqueurs. The names are enticing: 1749 Original Spirit rum and Coldwater Clear vodka!

Riley learned the basics of distillation in university and decided to try it as a business. It worked! He was encouraged when he learned that his earliest ancestor in Nova Scotia, Simon Giffen, was a distiller by trade. That was back in 1749 (hence the name of the rum)… let’s see, that makes him how many generations from his g-g-g-g-granddaddy?

Riley is proud of keeping his business in Atlantic Canada. He gets his supplies from here not just because he wants to support the local economy, but he says that we have the best products and services for use in his craft. Best customers too!

Be sure to visit his booth at the Expo – Coldstream Creamsicle will be featured. You’ll be hooked!