Carpe Fibris – Seize the Fibris


Kate Frego says that her whimsically named Carpe Fibris is more a brand than a business. She began to sell her work several years ago at small markets around the Maritimes to raise funds for a project dear to her heart: crafting supplies for a weekly gathering of Canadian and Syrian women in Saint John, NB. As this group gained support from other sources, she became involved in a focussed initiative: to reunited one Syrian Kurdish family separated by war. For the past two years, all proceeds of her work have been going to fund a refugee family from unstable conditions in Turkey to join their parents and siblings in Saint John.

Kate works with fine fibres, primarily wool, but also silk, alpaca and other specialty fibres. She often combines knitting, needle- and wet-felting to create unique works of art. These can be practical like Newfoundland mittens, shawls and scarves, to decorative items like pictures painted with wool, as well as felted vessels and figures. Trained as a biologist, she especially enjoys capturing maritime scenes and creatures with wool.

The basis for most of Kate’s works of art is local wool from local mills like Briggs and Little, Legacy Lane, and Wile’s Woolies, along with specialty fibres like silk.

Kate’s efforts have raised more than $11,000 so far towards her goal of reuniting the Syrian family here in Canada. We’re sure she will add to that significantly at Expo, and when you see her one-of-a-kind works, you will too!