Big Cove Foods

Big Cove Foods


Who can resist a good play on words, especially if it’s coupled with tasty food products? That’s part of the huge appeal of the spice blends, hot sauces, syrups, and other delights created by Dave Armstrong and Sarah DeSchiffert at their Big Cove Foods, in Thorburn, Pictou County. Names like ‘Ancient Chinese Secret’, “Espresso Nice’, ‘Mary Had a lot of Lamb’ and ‘Maple Mustard Hamonizer’ will prompt smiles, and then looks of bliss as you sample their flavours for yourselves.

The company came about kind of by accident, when Dave and Sarah were looking for an escape from their hectic lives in downtown Toronto, and came to Nova Scotia for a month. That was six years ago. As dedicated foodies, they found that their farmhouse locale didn’t lend itself to having takeout delivered…so they began cooking more themselves. Experimenting with flavours led to the creation of their popular spice blends, syrups and shrubs.

Wait. What’s a shrub, you ask? It’s a drinking vinegar—yes, you read that correctly, a vinegar syrup used in making thirst-quenching drinks as well as fabulous salad dressings. Imagine a hot summer day with a Lime-Chili Coriander Shrub blended into your favourite sparkling water or adult beverage. Mmmmm.

Need ideas for your newly purchased products? Big Cove has recipes, with great names like Kiss Me You Hot Jerk Glazed BBQ Pork Chops, Two Weeks with Pay cocktail, and Tomato Soup with Mary Had a Lot of Lamb. Cooking should be fun as well as delicious, so you’ll have a smile on your face while you’re cooking with Big Cove. See them at their first Saltscapes Expo and taste for yourselves!