Avondale Sky Winery

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Many people know the story of how Avondale Sky Winery was begun more than a decade ago, with the floating of an old church down the St. Croix river to its new home on the Avon peninsula outside Windsor, NS. In the ensuing years, Avondale Sky put itself on the map for great tasting and award winning wines, as well as being a hosting locale for a number of local artisan shows and festivals.

The Coutinho family bought Avondale Sky Winery and Restaurant at the tail end of November 2019 from Stewart and Lorraine with the intentions of keeping their dream alive and growing what is already an excellent winery. Karl, Jaime and Sean will be the energy and vigour behind the business while Louis and Avila support in a range of capacities from the books to riding the tractors.

The family members are very excited to continue the family-owned and operated winery and continue to keep the focus local and sustainable.