Ursan Meadery

Ursan Meadery Website: www.ursan.ca

Ursan Meadery was started in 2017 by two brothers, Jack and Nathaniel Jarvis. It is located on the family farm between Kentville and New Ross in Nova Scotia.

Jack, the mead maker, graduated from Acadia University in 2016 with a degree in Chemistry and has put it to good use since creating many batches of 'experimental' meads before settling on the delightful mead recipes that he uses today. 

Nathaniel, with his passion for history and sales in equal measure, is the sales half of the partnership. 

Their desire is to create meads that use traditional methods and recipes and locally sourced ingredients where they can. They allow only good quality ingredients in their carefully crafted meads and the results show. They won two silver medals and a bronze medal in last years Beyond the Grape international competition in Virginia, their first ever competition!

Mead is very deserving of its revival and it is exciting to be a part of its return to popularity. Nathaniel and Jack have been enjoying the reactions of the public as they sample their meads and in a few short months Ursan Meadery's meads already have quite a following.

Be sure to check out Ursan Meadery at Saltscapes Expo!