Atlantic Pewter

Atlantic Pewter Website:

Family run business Atlantic Pewter is based in Harvey Station, New Brunswick and has been operating for 23 years. The company produces a wide variety of beautiful pewter jewellery—their ever-popular shawl pins, bracelets, earrings, pendants, hair barrettes—in a variety of patterns and styles. They also do some pewter-enhanced glasses and other non-jewellery pieces like buttons, and do custom work for a variety of clients, too.

Cynthia and Dora are excited to be coming to Saltscapes Expo for their first time in 2018. They say, “We are looking forward to connecting with existing wholesale and retail clients from the area and making new acquaintances while at the Expo.”

The women tell us, “Customer favourites that are coming with us include our Celtic & Nautical themed jewellery collections, always a hit in the Maritimes, the perennially popular shawl fasteners, and our one of a kind water-cast pewter jewellery for those seeking a more avant-garde look.”

Cynthia and Dora also told us, “Saltscapes will be the first East Coast showing of our brand new adventure in slush cast bowls and plates. These unique pieces make wonderful serving dishes or catch-alls.”

We can’t wait to welcome them to Expo and to see their beautiful pieces and we know you’re looking forward to meeting them, too!