Ashwurks Website:

Husband and wife team Steve and Donna Hopper are great at collaborating in career as well as love. Steve has a cabinetry and furniture business, and often has pieces of wood left over that he can’t use, so Donna started making cutting boards a few years ago, as gifts for Steve’s customers. These were very well received, and others started asking for them, so the couple started experimenting with doing end-grain pieces using hardwood ash lumber—a tough, beautiful wood that lends itself to Steve and Donna’s natural creativity. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Ashwurks makes a wide selection of beautiful wooden products for kitchen and beyond, from their signature end grain cutting boards in a range of sizes, to sandwich plates, knife holders, garlic ‘smash boards’, charcuterie boards in a variety of shapes and sizes, coasters, fridge magnets and key chains, cribbage boards, and custom playing cards in wooden boxes. Look for their delightful wine-and-cheese boards which feature a handy glass holder, too!