Anchor and Tree


At the end of the school year in 2016, Renée Gibson wanted to give her son’s primary teacher a special gift. It turned out nice, and Renée enjoyed making it—so much so that she decided to try making other handmade items. She says, “I was happy with the things I made and wondered if others might feel the same way—so I went for it and put myself and my creations out there.”

Renée makes décor inspired by nature, believing that pieces of nature in your space makes you feel good and inspires wellbeing. Currently, she loves making Zen gardens and air plant displays, but she says she’s open to new creative challenges and will take on pretty much any request. Her husband makes the woodworking items used in their business, and Renée dreams up most of the designs and does anything that doesn’t require cutting wood.

Among her most favourite products—and most popular—are her Zen gardens, which are what began the whole business for Renée. The Nova Scotia Zen gardens are filled with items from Nova Scotia, and she hopes to eventually make her own pottery dishes for the gardens. Her best seller is the jellyfish air plant display—and air plants are like potato chips, because you can’t have just one.

Renée is very excited to be joining Saltscapes Expo this year, to show off the work she is so passionate about, and make connections with others who share her passions. Be sure to check her out at our show!