2020 Exhibitor Directory

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East Coast Balloon Adventures

Enjoy a bird's eye view of the Annapolis Valley from the basket of a hot air balloon! Join us in celebration of man's earliest and surely most romantic form of flight. You'll drift over the countryside and take in breathtaking views of forests, lakes and vineyards. A local champagne toast is the perfect end to this experience of a lifetime. Offering scenic sunrise & sunset hot air balloon flights 7 days a week. Your adventure awaits!

East Coast Kitchens

Echo Designs Jewellery / Nature Lockets

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia

Enviro Water Technologies

Enviro friendly water treatment products.


Cooking from scratch can be quick, easy and delicious! Leanne offers complementary, experiential cooking classes that simplify all aspects of healthy meal prepping for time starved Canadians, and soon our American neighbours as well. These fun, good food experiences share how you can put a meal on the table, from raw to ready, in 20 minutes or less! She’s passionate about bringing families back to the dinner table to enjoy real food, by helping people learn how to cook confidently using Epicure’s premium quality, gluten/nut free, low in sugar/salt seasonings and time-saving cookware. She also offers industry leading career and fundraising opportunities. As an Independent Consultant and Executive Director with Epicure, she has been changing lives every day for more than 20 years, one plate at a time.

Eskasoni Cultural Journeys

Esme Original Jacket

Hello, my name is Pamela Matheson, designer and owner of The Esme Original Jacket. Only a few garments are produced from each fabric making them original, unique and very special - I call them “limited editions". And they're all made in Nova Scotia. I get to travel to wonderful places around the world shopping for fabrics. I search for, touch and love every piece I buy - beautiful wools, blends, cottons, linens, alpacas and cashmere. Look fabulous and feel fabulous in an Esme Original Jacket!

Evangeline Tourism Association