Exhibitor Directory Spring

Savour The Flavour

Visitors see, smell, sample and make purchases from a showcase of Atlantic Canadian food, wine, beer and other products and specials. Cooking demos feature chefs from our region preparing signature recipes made with local ingredients.

Saltwinds Coffee

Saltwinds Coffee Company is creating unique Maritime coffee experiences, based on how coffee used to taste when it first came to Canada on wooden sailing ships. Try our range of award winning coffees, including our signature Ocean Air infused dark roast!

Nurple Sauce Company

9 Non-traditional Hot Sauces, Focusing on Flavour Before Heat. Exclusive to Nova Scotia

Barkeep Cocktails

Barkeep Cocktails, founded by local entrepreneurs and bartenders, introduces 8 oz canned premium cocktails—Melo Collins, Espresso Martini, and the upcoming Paradise Spritz. We bring the authentic bar experience to your doorstep. Our mission is to educate consumers on savoring quality over quantity, encouraging a culture of better drinking habits.

Still Fired Distilleries

We sell award-winning Vodka, Gin, Rum, Moonshine and Liqueurs created from the first 'legal' stills built in Atlantic Canada.

Wild Blueberry Producers Assoc of NS

Annapolis Cider Company

We believe premium ingredients make premium products. Locally sourced and expertly crafted, our cider is all natural, and naturally gluten free.

Nova Scotia Spirit Co.

Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia

Liquid Gold Olive Oils & Vinegars

Rudi's Hot Sauce

Halifax Distilling Co

Comeau's Sea Foods Ltd

Eventide Mead

Boatskeg Distilling Co.

Tangled Garden

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia

Gingers Graters

D&S Cajun Food Distributors

The Cake Lady

Coast to Coast Marketing Ltd./ Chill Street

We sell all Local product....Trailer Park Boy Chips, Non-Alcoholic Chill Street drinks, Various local coffees throughout NS, Thompson Jams etc.... Everything local - you will find here. We will likely have 8-10 suppliers that we represent. (We have a good 75+ local food manufactuer's that we carry....but will only focus on a few)

Steinhart Distillery Limited

The Shed Coffee

Koolbrew is a story of amazing women who are artisans, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and creators - all in the coffee industry. Our canned Koolbrew coffee offer fun, convenient yet still not compromising the quality of coffee. When you sip a Koolbrew, you can taste the love and dedication of the woman farmer who cultivates her coffee beans to make every flavour brighter. And you can taste the vision of a woman roaster who works hard every day to erase the border between the coffee bean and coffee lover.

JoJo Waffle

Made with Love by Cinthia

Novalea Kitchen Inc


Crackatinnie Pies

Tribal Vibe - Nature's Tea

Evertide Chocolate Maker

Avondale Sky Winery

Barrelling Tide Distillery

Bulwark Cider / Muwin Estate Wines

Haskap Highland Orchards

Ironworks Distillery

Lake City Cider

Morris East / Drink Sprizzi

Propeller Brewing

That Dutchman's Cheese

Taste of Nova Scotia