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Made with Love by Cinthia

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Meet Your Farmer - Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

Meet Your Farmer is an initiative of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture which connects consumers across Nova Scotia with farmers and their stories. Meet Your Farmer hosts events, contests, profiles farms, and lots more with a mix of in-person and online engagement. Creating connections between farmers and Nova Scotians helps build relationships and trust in our food systems.

Membertou Trade & Convention Centre - Kijus Restaurant

Morris East / Drink Sprizzi

Municipalite de Clare

Municipality of Barrington

Become enchanted by our unspoiled panoramic views; whether it’s from one of our many pristine white sand beaches, trail systems, or on the banks of a river. We are the Lobster Capital of Canada and home to many delectable seafood experiences. Explore our picturesque coastal destination, celebrate our rich culture and heritage through our many fun-filled festivals and events, and experience southern hospitality at its best!

Municipality of Shelburne

Municipality of the District of Chester

Municipality of the District of Guysborough