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Tangled Garden

Tangled Garden


6 jars at a time, 100 jars a day. That’s part of the secret recipe that Beverly McClare has used with her Tangled Garden herbal jellies, vinegars, preserves and liqueurs, since she began her Grand-Pré, NS, business over 25 years ago. From the five acres of sprawling gardens, “some of it tangled, some of it tidy,” (which are also open to the public during the gardening season) Beverly gathers inspiration, fresh herbs and fruits, and combines them in those dedicated small batches to produce her line of more than 60 products.

While Tangled Garden is Beverly’s company, she is always quick to stress the dedication of her staff, including Jane McGinnis, who helps her come up with new recipe ideas, Debbie McGloin, who is the fastest jelly maker Beverly has ever seen, gardeners Charles Harvey and Nina Newington and of course her partner Ralph McDermott. “We’re like a family, and we stir a little love into everything we make.”

Beverly has been coming to Saltscapes Expo since the first year. “The first year, it was new and we didn’t know what to expect, but it was fabulous,” she says. “The Expo is more than a food or a craft show, with all the different sections from the magazine, and it’s a great place to network with people, and to launch or showcase new products. We wouldn’t miss it!”