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Sober Island Brewing

Sober Island Brewing


Be sure to visit the converted horse trailer at the Expo – it is a mobile beer bar from which Sober Island Brewing products will be launched. It is Nova Scotia’s newest craft beer company…you will be enticed by their Sober Island Oyster Stout brewed with fresh Sober Island oysters. Also, try their English Golden Rye Ale.

Rebecca Atkinson and her friend Jonathan always joked around about opening a brewery. She moved to Wales for five months and over there saw an Arbor Oyster Stout at a local pub…that triggered a desire to try one at home. So she returned to her hometown Sheet Harbour and jumped into the brewing business. The products will be on tap this year on the Eastern Shore at Liscombe Lodge and The Henley House, and Rebecca will be tootling around to special events and farmers markets with samples. We expect the products will be well received.

Currently only in Sheet Harbour, Rebecca’s dream is to establish a stand-alone brewery on Sober Island. She envisions people boating up to the brewery, grabbing a few cans of beer, then heading off to one of the Wild Islands of the Eastern Shore to picnic and explore for the day. Of course they will also have the option of just bellying up to the bar on Sober Island itself! That dream of hers sounds like a good reason to plan on getting a watercraft soon.