Sea Glass Designs

Sea Glass Designs


Who doesn’t love walking on Atlantic Canadian beaches, hunting for shells, stones and…mermaids tears, also known as beach or sea glass? Rita Laidlaw sure loves seeking out the later, and creating exquisite jewellery that will become cherished heirloom pieces for any who purchase them.

If you’ve never seen sea glass, Rita explains it as “a piece of glass, pottery or china that has been tumbled on the ocean floor, smoothed by the waves and sand, and washed up on shore,” making each and every piece unique. As a result, each piece of jewellery she makes is unique and a complete original. She marries each sea glass gem with sterling silver findings, and often accents them with sterling marine motif charms such as sand dollars, anchors, or starfish, or with botanical charms such as leaves or flowers.

Rita has been gathering sea glass since she was a child in Cape Breton, and she fondly refers to searching for glass on beaches as an addiction, although a healthy one shared by her husband, children and even her parents.

Sea Glass Designs is always a popular exhibitor at our shows, and Rita is looking forward to this year’s. “Saltscapes is a celebration of our maritime lifestyle; it’s a pleasure to attend,” she says. “I love to hear people share their stories of walking our beaches, favourite memories of childhood with their toes in the sand.”