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New Scotland Candle Company

New Scotland Candle Company


What do you do when you have an ever-growing collection of beach glass, and take up making candles as a hobby? You turn it into a popular business, of course. Based in Port Williams, in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, the New Scotland Candle Company (originally Beach Glass Candle Company) is the husband and wife team of Erin Wilson and Mark Beaudry. Together, (and sometimes assisted by their two cats, Fundy and Digby, who are inspectors and box testers) they make 100% soy wax candles and melts.

Soy wax creates a candle that burns completely clean, and as an added bonus, the candles burn cooler and longer than do tradition candles made with paraffin wax. Erin and Mark use cotton based wicks and don’t use dyes, preferring the natural creamy colour of the wax itself. The couple use premium oils to scent their candles, giving them such names as Fundy Tides, Lunen-berries, Canadian Maple, and Sea Smoke. Their labels use photos of some of the beautiful places around Nova Scotia, and they invite customers to send them photos for future labels, as each time they order a new batch of labels, they switch up the photos for each fragrance choice.

As an added delight, each candle contains a treasure—a genuine mermaid’s tear, or piece of Nova Scotia beach glass, unadulterated and found on beaches in Cape Breton. The candles are made in 250mL wide mouth Mason jars, and will each burn for about 40 hours. Be sure to check them out at Saltscapes Expo!