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Meadowbrook Meat Market

Meadowbrook Meat Market


The story of Meadowbrook begins with its founder, the late Jim Lamb, who bought his farm outside Berwick, NS in the late 1970s. Originally farming both beef and hogs (despite his last name), Jim changed to being a pork-only producer in the early 1990s. Together with his wife Margie, he worked with animal nutritionists to develop a special, all-natural feed and branded their products as Omega Pork. During this time, they began selling product on Saturdays from a modest building on their farm, and were amazed at how quickly demand grew for their products.

Today, Meadowbrook Meat Market has a bustling shop with a full line of fresh and smoked pork products, as well as many other locally-sourced meats, produce, and goods such as vinegars, jellies, and baked treats from other farms and producers around the area. They have a catering business, delightfully called Pork on Wheels, where you can go whole-hog quite literally! They also do other roasted meats and provide all the fixings—if you missed out on the Pig Roast and Baked Beans supper at Harvest Greets the Holidays last November in Masstown, you missed an amazing meal.

But, don’t despair! Margie and her team will be at Expo again this year, with their delectable line of sausages, Jimmie Dogs, and other products to sample, buy as a meal to eat there, or purchase to take home and enjoy later. Meadowbrook often has a brand-new product which they unveil at Expo, so be sure to check them out for yourselves.