Lullaby Lights

Lullaby Lights


Lullaby Lights is a partnership between Katie Hawkins and Samara Gosling. The young women met at a baby group when our first-borns were a few months old. Katie says, “We had an instant friendship and a business partnership was an easy progression. We both live in Bridgewater and have three kids each. Our kitchen tables are our offices and we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

As the name suggests, Lullaby Lights make children’s night lights and home décor accent lights from wood that has been cut off the owners’ own land and milled on site. The company was created in 2013 and came about when both mums had a second child on the way and were looking for a way to make a supplemental income so they could be home with their children. The idea for children’s night lights transpired after Katie had searched for interesting children’s lighting for her boy’s room and was unable to find anything that fit the bill. Lullaby Lights all started from one fire truck design and has grown to include hundreds of designs.

A side project that they experimented with was so well received that they incorporated a line of decorated wine bottles into their business. Katie says, “Although we stock a large number of everyday designs, we really enjoy doing custom work that includes bottles made for weddings, grandparents, memorials and graduations.”

This is Lullaby Lights’ first time at Expo and they are as excited as we are. Samara says, “ We’re excited to be debuting our new nautical line of home décor lights and lots of new wine bottle designs.” Watch for their show specials, and welcome them to Expo 2017!