Hyde Expressions

Hyde Expressions

Hyde Expressions by Gail Parker

Meet Gail Parker of Hyde Expressions, maker of exquisitely crafted leather journals, knife wraps, purses, jewellery, and many other leather items. Gail says, “The leather that I use has a rustic, almost unfinished quality to it. I love the process of taking a piece and figuring out what it needs to be. It feels like a discovery when I turn out a complete piece.”

The journals especially have a personal connection for Gail, as her Dad kept a journal. “It makes my heart happy that I have that keepsake with his handwriting,” she says. “I have always loved stationery and am drawn to creating these journals.”

Each journal is individually created using a unique piece of leather that dictates the look of the finished journal. They feature durable, handcut pages that are hand bound with saddle stitching. Gail says, “there is a journal to reflect every writer’s personality, and they are all begging to be written in.”

Since she created this line of leather products four years ago, Gail has been thrilled to witness how people connect to it. “When someone finds a journal that speaks to them, I always hope it will be passed on, full of memories, just like the one that I have from my Dad.”

This will be Gail’s first time exhibiting at Saltscapes Expo, and she is looking forward to seeing how a wider audience reacts to her work. Check her out, and find your journal!