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Dairy Isle Cheese Company

Dairy Isle Cheese Company


Solid – that’s how to describe Dairy Isle Cheese Company. They’ve been in operation since 1953 when several PEI cheese making cooperatives came together to form a larger one.

Their product overview paints a perfect image: “From the fertile green pastures and rolling hills of Prince Edward Island. While the rest of the world is hurrying products to market, we take our own sweet time. Our Master Cheese Maker insists we make cheese the long way. Hand turned cheese, naturally aged with no enhancers and no artificial enzymes. Traditionally crafted, award-winning cheese. Take the time to enjoy.”

The cheese is 100% PEI – the milk and the process is local, all done in small batches and aged naturally. Visit the booth and try some, and do check out the great cheesy recipes on their website. You’ll become addicted!