The Pork Shop

Meet the Pork Shop Folks

This little piggy went to market…..again and again and again! The Saltscapes Expo wouldn’t be the same without the folks from the Pork Shop in Denmark. It’s a point of pride to have a local company that uses local meats and provides such excellent service. If you haven’t had your Pork Shop fix yet, get it at the Show – you’ll become addicted to their 70+ products. Not within easy driving range to an outlet in the province? No problem! You can now order on-line and have it delivered to your door. Be sure to include a bottle of Bert’s Sauce too – it’s liquid gold. Talk to your favourite butcher or chef and you will hear the praises sung about the Pork Shop. Enjoy!

A heartfelt thanks to the 2017 Saltscapes East Coast Expo Sponsors!

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