[NEW 2017] - The N.Viropotter

The N.Viropotter

Website: www.nviropotter.com

Gardeners love to be economical as well as ecologically sensitive. If you’re a gardener who starts your own seeds indoors during the winter and early spring, you’re possibly recycling containers to use as seed starters—egg and milk cartons, takeout coffee cups, paper towel rolls, and so on. But a beautifully crafted product out of Dundas, PEI, can help you create your own biodegradable pots out of newspaper.

The N.Viropotter is a small wooden tool, handmade with local hardwood from Royalty Hardwoods in Pooles Corner, PEI. It’s deliciously easy to use it to make seedling pots using newspaper, which can be transplanted directly into the ground once the seedlings are big enough. The brainchild of Rhondalynn Clements of Montague, the N.Viropotter is patented and marketed through Atlantic Innovative Enterprises Ltd., a small local business.

Carla Morgan is the director of the business, and is very enthusiastic about the N.Viropotter, which comes in two sizes. “Everything about our product is local—from the hardwood to the branding design and the packaging,” Carla says.

To get you started, each N.Viropotter comes with an instruction sheet—already formed into a pot! You simply unfold it and use the sheet as your template for cutting strips of newsprint, and can make a dozen seedling pots in a matter of minutes. The small size of the potmaker is ideal for planting a couple of seedlings in, while the larger model is great for transplanting houseplant cuttings or planting bulbs. If you want fancy seedling pots, you can use old calendar pages, pages of photos from magazines, or any other type of recyclable paper, too!

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