Pure Infused Maple

Meet the Royal Syrup Gang: Pure Infused Maple Syrup, Aylesford, NS

Know what waffles, smoothies, salad dressings, gourmet sauces and desserts have in common? Maple syrup! Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes are made special with the addition of pure infused maple syrup from Hutchinson Acres in Lake Paul, Kings County, NS. Chris and Anna Hutchinson began their operation is 2008 with 1500 taps – that has grown to 60,000 taps this year making them the largest producer in NS. But what to do with all that syrup? Infuse it! Chef Peter Dewar of NSCC in Kentville helped to create a line of syrup infused with all natural ingredients like vanilla, lavender, chipotle, ginger and others. There is a sweet and a savoury line to appeal to all tastes. Leanne Dobrota, sales and marketing manager, reports that the NS product is sold right across the country. It’s a unique business, grown right here in the East, made successful by the hard work and vision of Chris and Anna, Leanne and 15 employees. Kudos to them.

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