[NEW 2017] - NovaScotian Crystal

NovaScotian Crystal

Website: www.novascotiancrystal.com

It’s a little like alchemy, watching crystal being made. Have you ever seen it up close and personal? A mixture of elemental ingredients, heated molten-hot, then mouth-blown into shapes, then styled with exquisite patterns; it certainly is a magical process. And get this: the only place in Canada where crystal is made is right in Halifax, at NovaScotian Crystal, now in its 21st year of creating memorable stemware and more.

They say that every single piece of crystal made at NovaScotian Crystal, from original design to mouth-blown shape to hand-cut pattern, is unique and bears the mark of the artisan who created it. And such patterns, with names that pay tribute to the province, its seafaring history, and more. ‘Annapolis’ pays tribute to the agricultural heartland of NS; ‘Seafarers’ toasts our history of sailors, mariners—and even rumrunners. The magnificent Margaree River is immortalized in a pattern of the same name, while ‘Canadian Spirit’ seems a particularly appropriate design given this Canada 150 year of celebrations.

You’ll see these, and other patterns, at Expo, wrought in exquisite bowls, lamps, stemware, vases, and more. Which will be your favourite?

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