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Northumberland Hemp

Website: www.northumberlandhemp.ca

From start to finish it’s all home grown. Hemp is one of the oldest crops in our region—planted in the 17th century, and revived today because of its huge versatility in value-added products. Maybe we don’t need the hemp rope of the past, so often used by fishermen and farmers and others, but we can sure use many other hemp-derived products. And no, this is not the cannabis variety that makes you party, then have the munchies; it’s lacking that active ingredient!

Bradley Jardine and Doug MacEachern plant the hemp seeds on their land in Pictou County, they process the crop into oil, flour and protein powder. The flour is gluten free and a high protein product; hemp oil is high in Omega 6 and 3 and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Ever tried hemp fudge, or hemp hearts, or hemp oil? Visit the Northumberland booth at Expo and try some of their delights for yourself. It’s good for your body, your hair, and even your dog!

It’s not enough to just grow their own hemp for their products. Brad and Doug’s dream is to get others to use their unused farmland to do the same – together, a viable, renewable industry can be created in our East Coast provinces. Keep the jobs and money right here. That’s what East Coast innovation is all about, isn’t it?

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