[NEW 2017] - Goodleaf Farms

Goodleaf Farms

Website: www.goodleaffarms.com

Mmmmmm! Is there anything nicer than local, fresh, nutritious leafy greens grown without pesticides. Did you think you would ever see the day that you could get them year-round right here at home? Now you can…a wide selection of greens are grown hydroponically indoors in Bible Hill, NS.

The team at Goodleaf Farms uses innovative vertical farming technology to grow their ultra-fresh and ultra-tasty greens, which include broccoli shoots, baby romaine, arugula and kale, pea shoots, and even kale shoots. Can’t decide which you want? They have salad blends, too! You can get shoots from a variety of veggies, and your salad will win awards when you use the lettuces and blends of greens.

The greens are hand picked and hand packed every day of the year, and delivered to local suppliers within hours of harvest. Decide what you think of their taste and freshness yourself when you visit the booth at the Expo.

A heartfelt thanks to the 2017 Saltscapes East Coast Expo Sponsors!

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