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Cumberland Perfect Sleep Company

Website: www.cumberlandperfectsleep.com

Who’d have thought that a pillow could be such a life changer? In the case of the pillows made by Cumberland Perfect Sleep Company in Joggins, NS, it’s the truth, Since 2008, Bridget Michels has been providing her perfect sleep, buckwheat-filled pillows to thousands of weary souls who couldn’t find the ideal pillow until they met hers!

Filled with millions of Maritime grown Buckwheat Hulls, and encased in finest quality Bamboo, you, the user, customize this pillow, shaping it to your neck and head, where it conforms to your personal size, supporting your neck and aligning your neck and spine. Doctors and Chiropractors believe bones can get subtly out of line and cause muscle spasms or nerve irritation. This can cause pain and other conditions. Realigning the bones and muscles by sleeping correctly with a properly supported neck may help bring relief.

Since 2008 thousands of happy customers have told Bridget that their Cumberland Perfect Sleep Pillow has helped, and in some cases eliminated, such conditions as migraines, numb and tingling hands and feet, stuffy noses, night sweats, poor sleeping, fibromyalgia symptoms, and many more issues. Once you get used to the unique pillow—and buckwheat pillows have been popular in parts of Asia and Europe for centuries—you may indeed find that you finally achieve perfect sleep. Try one for yourself at Expo!

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